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Weather is a type of Mechanic that can appear throughout multiple different biomes.


Weather can be customised in a unique menu[1]. Different weather events can be found through out the world of Hytale, it is currently unknown as to how they generate and for how long they stay for.

List of Weather events

With the following events, it is suspected they shall function mostly like their real life counter parts, however it is currently unknown if they can effect things such as Spawning rates, types of creatures that Spawn or other In-game Mechanics

  • Rain can appear throughout every Zone (except in Zone 2)
  • In Zone 1, fog can be found setting over the area, limiting vision.
  • In Zone 2, a Sandstorm can come forth, limiting vision.
  • In Zone 3, Snowstorms can appear, it is suspected they might act similar to Sandstorms in Zone 2.
  • In Zone 3, auroras can fill a clear sky.