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Prefabricated content, or more commonly referred to as Prefabs, is a series of structures or objects that have been placed around the world of Hytale though the Worlds Generation.


The purpose of Prefabs is mainly for making the world of Hytale feel rich and dynamic. It also allows for replayability, providing a unique experience each time with unique experiences each time.

Currently over 7,000 prefabs exist with the most common type of prefab being a form of Tree,

Dungeons, Ruins and other forms of crafted structures have a unique form of which they are generated. when the central room of the structure is chosen, it has a chance of spawning with one or more (depending on the amount of exits to the room) children nodes which functions as extensions into other rooms, then from there each child node also has a chance of spawning with another child node. This allows for each structure to feel unique.

Prefab list

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Prefabs 1-100

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DungeonsRuinsShipwrecksStone CirclesMine
Faction Structures
Outlander VillagePrison CaveTrork CampScarak NestZiggurat