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"As inhabitants of the frozen wilds of [Borea], Outlanders must contend with inhospitable terrain and deadly creatures. The battle for survival is a conflict without end, and it has instilled a brutal pragmatism in the people who fight it. The Outlanders' ruthless, unfeeling outlook is reflected in the wooden masks that they wear at all times." ― Hytale

The Outlanders are one of the races of Orbis, who live in Borea (Zone 3). They are a tribal race, who inhabit unique villages built in pine forests and tundra-like areas. Outlanders are an offshoot of human civilisation that came to Borea.[1]


Nearly all outlanders are equipped with cobalt weaponry and armour, although they are or were human, they are now heavily corrupted by the rituals they practice. The lives of Outlanders is said to be "conflict without end", battling for survival with the formidable zone they inhabit, and as such they stay mostly pragmatic in nature. and their obsession with him could be the explanation to their isolation from the rest of the humans and their unnerving culture. Outlanders are said to have deep connections with the history of Borea, and likely the rest of Orbis as well.


The skin tone of the Outlanders is a pale white, something typical to such a climate though this may suggest something more insidious. Many Outlanders, such as the Warriors, the Cultists and the Colossus are seen to possess a third eye.

Outlanders are widely seen wearing carved wooden masks, with this likely a part of the region's culture, as the Fauns are seen wearing the same masks. Warriors are adorned with armour forged from cobalt and animal fur to protect themselves from the cold, while Rangers wear hoods and capes, while the Cultists wear the very bare minimum, appearing insensitive to the cold.


The Outlanders have many different Archetypes found within their excluded society, each type playing a role in the upkeep in their society, whether it is to gather food, defend the settlements or to take part with the rituals. It is important for a Player to analyse the types of Outlanders before striking as they could find themselves at a disadvantage with the different combat types depending on the Archetype.


The Rangers are the hunters of the Outlander tribe, venturing far from their settlements to hunt the Bison for their meat. They maintain a watchful eye over the perimeter of their camps and the territory beyond, laying ambushes and scouting out threats to the Outlanders.


These Outlanders are the standard warrior found around and within the settlements, and can defend their villages from Players. They can be found as either male or female. It is currently unknown if they have any other function.


The Chiefs can be speculated to act as the the leaders of the Outlander warriors, only subordinate to the Priests in their status. They likely lead Warriors into battle, enforcing the Outlander Priests' will.


The Cultists are the main part of the rituals performed within the Outlander settlements, not much else is known about them.


The Priest is seen as the source of power within the Outlander tribes. They perform in the mystical rituals with Cultists, and likely have something to achieve a mastery over death. A Priest will draw power from the mystical waters of the forests, and will likely preform spells and magical attacks in combat.


The Outlander Colossus is the most massive and dangerous Outlander Archetype. They have a claw-like left hand, potentially having some connection to the rituals that the Priests perform.


Outlanders are described as a brutally pragmatic civilisation, with a ruthless and unfeeling outlook. They live a life of solitude, isolating themselves from the rest of Orbis, rarely venturing out from their settlements and beyond their home territory.

The Priests and their servants often dabble in Water Magic and quite possibly beyond, having been said to have achieved a mastery over death itself. Expeditions are sometimes launched to ancient battlegrounds and religious sites for an unknown purpose.


  • All the Outlander weapons and armours may be crafted from Cobalt, a blue metal similar to the blueish colours of Outlander metal tools.


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