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NPC Tribes (or Races) are present throughout the worlds of Hytale. Players will encounter many of the beings listed below in their adventures.

The following races will most likely be present somewhere within the Hytale universe, when the game is released.

Name Location Other Info
FaunCrop.png Faun Zone 3 Only appears in concept art
YoungFeran.png Feran Zone 2
Human Zone 2 Currently only featured as players and abandoned structures.
Eaf4e182-f98f-46d6-8180-0e6d6b930971.jpeg Goblin Dungeons
Screenshot 2019-04-20 at 2.45.14 PM.png Klop Zone 1
KweebecKid.png Kweebec Zone 1
2c009bd1-bf44-4f89-ba49-497977e91b19 (13).jpeg Outlander Dungeons and Zone 3
ScarakWorkerConcept.png Scarak Zone 2
Slothian Tropical Jungles in Zone 4
TrorkShaman.png Trork Zone 1

AntelopeBatBisonBoarCacteeCamelCatCatfishCattleClownfishChickenChickCrabCrocodileCrowDeerDogDuckFlamingoFoxFrogGrizzly BearHorseHyenaJackalopeLobsterMacaqueMan-O-WarMeerkatMooseMoray EelMouseOwlParrotPenguinPigPigeonPikePiranhaPolar BearPrehistoric ChickenPufferfishRainbow TroutRamRatRattlesnakeRegal TangSaber-Toothed TigerSharkSheepSnailSnakeSparrowSpiderTetrabirdWarthogWolfWoodpeckerVulture
Cave-RexCrawlerDimetrodonEarth ElementalEarth GolemEmberwulfFen StalkerFire GolemFrog MonsterEarth GolemGiant White SpiderIce DragonKrakenMagma GolemMosshornPale DangerRaptorSand EmpressSkeletonTriceratopsUndead ChickenVoid DragonVoid EyeVoid SpawnVoid PiranhaVoid SpiderYetiZombie