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Monsters are mythical, yet dangerous creatures which players will likely encounter while exploring the worlds of Hytale. Monsters will most likely attack players on sight, and possibly attempt to hunt them down. However, there may be Neutral monsters as well which will not become hostile unless provoked.

The following monster mobs will most likely be present somewhere within the Hytale universe, when the game is released.

Name Location Initial state Other Info
Ff25c9c8-cf49-4040-ad1d-323463040388 (3).jpeg Crawler Zone 1 Hostile
Earth Elemental.png Earth Elemental Unknown Unknown
Earth Golem.png Earth Golem Zone 1 Stone Circle Unknown Will remain passively standing near of the Stone Circle
026a551e-34dc-4b63-a0a8-061f790ac33c (7).jpeg Emberwulf Zone 4 Unknown
Db3b341e-4fa3-4541-8211-d35c0e28cb03 (9).jpeg Fen Stalker Zone 1 Unknown
Fire Golem.png Fire Golem Zone 4 Hostile or Neutral Unknown
Frog Monster Infobox.png Frog Monster Zone 1 Unknown
2c009bd1-bf44-4f89-ba49-497977e91b19.jpeg Golem Temple of Gaia Unknown
Withespider.png Giant White Spider Unknown
FrostDragonCropped.png Ice Dragon Zone 3
KrakenCrop.png Kraken Deep ocean Only appears in concept art
Mosshorn.png Mosshorn Unknown Unknown
Outlander Cheif.png Outlander Chief Zone 3 Hostile The leader of the Outlander structures
Outlander Colossus.png Outlander Colossus Zone 3 Hostile Unknown
Outlander Cultists Infobox.jpg Outlander Cultist Zone 3 Hostile Takes part in outlander Rituals
Outlander Priest.jpg Outlander Priest Zone 3 Hostile Source of magic and conducts Outlander rituals
Outlander Ranger.jpg Outlander Ranger Zone 3 Hostile Hunts for food around Outlander structures
Outlander Warrior.jpg Outlander Warrior Zone 3 Hostile The standard defence for Outlander structure
Pale Dangers.png Pale Danger Ghost Forest Hostile
Ff25c9c8-cf49-4040-ad1d-323463040388 (1).jpeg Sand Empress Zone 2 Hostile Has clear connections to the Skarak, possibly a boss mob
Scarak Broodmother.png Scarak Broodmother Zone 2 Hostile Produces Scarak Eggs
Larva.png Scarak Larva Zone 2 Hostile Hatches from Scarak Eggs, and can become any of the following Archetypes
Scarak Locust.png Scarak Locust Zone 2 Hostile Can fly, providing arial support
Scarak Tank.jpeg Scarak Tank Zone 2 Hostile Can block off passage ways
Scarak Warrior.png Scarak Warrior Zone 2 Hostile Standard warrior
Scarak Worker.png Scarak Worker Zone 2 Hostile Performs simple tasks
SkeletonCentered.png Skeleton Any Hostile Has many subtypes and archetypes
Trork Chieftain.png Trork Chieftain Zone 1 Hostile The leader of the Trork Camps
Trork Hunter.png Trork Hunter Zone 1 Hostile Hunts for the Trork Camps
Trork Sentry.png Trork Sentry Zone 1 Hostile A sentry for the Trork Camps
Trork Shaman.png Trork Shaman Zone 1 Hostile Is the Archetype responsible for magic within the Trork Society
Trork Warrior.png Trork Warrior Zone 1 Hostile The standard Solider for Trork Buildings
Undead Chicken.png Undead Chicken Unknown Unknown Might have connections to Skeletons
Void Dragon.PNG Void Dragon Unknown Unknown
Eaf4e182-f98f-46d6-8180-0e6d6b930971 (4).jpeg Void Eye Any Unknown
VoidSpawnCrop.png Void Spawn Any Unknown
Void Piranha.png Void Piranha Ocean Unknown
VoidSpiderConceptCrop.png Void Spider Zone 1 Unknown Only appears in concept art
2c009bd1-bf44-4f89-ba49-497977e91b19 (12).jpeg Yeti Zone 3 Unknown but suspected to be Hostile
308c6e43-ee6b-43b9-a896-204077316316 (3).jpeg Zombie Any Hostile Has many subtypes and archetypes

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