Monsters are mythical, yet dangerous creatures which players will likely encounter while exploring the worlds of Hytale. Monsters will most likely attack players on sight, and possibly attempt to hunt them down. However, there may be Neutral monsters as well which will not become hostile unless provoked.

The following monster mobs will most likely be present somewhere within the Hytale universe, when the game is released.

Name Location Initial state Other Info
Ff25c9c8-cf49-4040-ad1d-323463040388 (3) Crawler Zone 1 Hostile
026a551e-34dc-4b63-a0a8-061f790ac33c (7) Emberwulf Zone 4
Db3b341e-4fa3-4541-8211-d35c0e28cb03 (9) Fen Stalker Zone 1
2c009bd1-bf44-4f89-ba49-497977e91b19 Golem Temple of Gaia
Withespider Giant White Spider Unknown
FrostDragonCropped Ice Dragon Zone 3
KrakenCrop Kraken Deep ocean Only appears in concept art
Sand Empress Zone 2 Aggressive
ScarakWorkerConcept Scarak Zone 2 Aggressive Has many subtypes and archetypes
SkeletonCentered Skeleton Any Has many subtypes and archetypes
Void Dragon Void Dragon Unknown
Eaf4e182-f98f-46d6-8180-0e6d6b930971 (4) Void Eye Any
VoidSpawnCrop Void Spawn Any
VoidSpiderConceptCrop Void Spider Zone 1 Only appears in concept art
2c009bd1-bf44-4f89-ba49-497977e91b19 (12) Yeti Zone 3
308c6e43-ee6b-43b9-a896-204077316316 (3) Zombie Any Has many subtypes and archetypes
AntelopeBatBoarCacteeCatCatfishCattleCave-RexClownfishChickenCrabCrocodileCrowDeerDimetrodonDogDuckFlamingoFoxFrogGrizzly BearHorseHyenaJackalopeMacaqueMan-O-WarMeerkatMoray EelMouseOwlParrotPigPigeonPikePiranhaPolar BearPrehistoric ChickenPufferfishRainbow TroutRamRaptorRatRegal TangSaber-Toothed TigerSharkSheepSnailSnakeSparrowSpiderTetrabirdWarthogWolfWoodpeckerVulture
CrawlerEmberwulfFen StalkerGolemGiant White SpiderIce DragonKrakenSand EmpressScarakSkeletonVoid DragonVoid EyeVoid SpawnVoid SpiderYetiZombie
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