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The following animal mobs will most likely be present somewhere within the Hytale universe, when the game is released.

Name Location Other Info
026a551e-34dc-4b63-a0a8-061f790ac33c Antelope Zone 2 (Pictured multiple times in Zone 2)
Bat-0 Bat Zone 1 in/or Underground
Bison1 Bison Zone 3
Boar Boar Zone 1
Cactee Cactee Zone 2 (Pictured multiple times in Zone 2)
Camels Camel Zone 2
Cat Cat Zone 1
Catfish Catfish Ocean
CattleIcon Cattle Zone 1
Clownfish Clownfish Underwater
Chicken Chicken Zone 1 Different variations of the chicken have been shown, such as the Undead Chicken.
2019-02-10 Chick Zone 1 The baby version of a Chicken (technically the same mob)
Crab Crab Underwater and on beaches
CrocInWater Crocodile Zone 2
Crow Crow Zone 1
Deer Deer Zone 1
Dog Dog Zone 1 Multiple breeds confirmed via tweet and multiple screenshots
Duck Duck Shallow water in Zone 1
FlamingoIcon Flamingo Shallow water in Zone 2
Fox Fox Zone 1 Is a predator that hunts jackalopes and chickens.
Frog Frog Zone 1 Has green and orange variants
Bear Grizzly Bear Zone 1 Called "Bear" in the model maker files
Horse Horse Zone 2
HyenaIconTemp Hyena Zone 2 Appeared in a tweet
Jackalope Jackalope Zone 1
Aed58569-6dac-41c9-a167-d8abc6cb1cae Macaque Tropical jungle (Possibly Underground in Zone 4) Only appears in concept art
ManOWarConceptArt Man-O-War Underwater Only appears in concept art
Meerkat Meerkat Zone 2 Shown in a developer tweet
EelConceptArt Moray Eel Underwater
MouseCrop Mouse Found in the underground of each Zone
Owl Owl Zone 1 and Zone 3 Two different breeds: Snow owls and normal owls
ParrotCrop Parrot Islands
PigSmall Pig Unknown
Pidgeon Pigeon Zone 1
Pike Pike Underwater
PiranhaConceptArt Piranha Underwater Only appears in concept art
Polarbear Polar Bear Zone 3
Aed58569-6dac-41c9-a167-d8abc6cb1cae (2) Prehistoric Chicken In the caves of Zone 4 Only appears in concept art
Pufferfish Pufferfish Underwater
Fish4 Rainbow Trout Underwater
0f65c6b7-2338-4f42-a228-97efe6e123b8 (2) Ram Zone 3 Can be ridden by the player
Rat Rat Zone 1 in/or underground
Rattlesnake Rattlesnake Zone 2
Regal Thang Regal Tang Underwater
Seibah! Saber-Toothed Tiger Zone 2 Is a predator that hunts antelopes
2019-02-10 (3) Shark Underwater Has the visual appearance of a hammerhead shark
Sheep Sheep Zone 1 Appeared in the happy Easter screenshot
Snail Snail Underground Appeared as a fire/lava snail in a screenshot
Snake Snake Unknown
Sparrow Sparrow Zone 1
Spider Spider Zone 1
5c1bc331d621950018ca0729 happy holidays Tetrabird Unknown Can be ridden by kweebecs
Warthog Zone 2 Appeared in Hytale tweet
Wolf Wolf Zone 1 and Zone 3 Appears sometimes as a pet of a Trork
0f65c6b7-2338-4f42-a228-97efe6e123b8 (1) Woodpecker Zone 3
Vulture Vulture Zone 2

AntelopeBatBisonBoarCacteeCamelCatCatfishCattleClownfishChickenChickCrabCrocodileCrowDeerDogDuckFlamingoFoxFrogGrizzly BearHorseHyenaJackalopeMacaqueMan-O-WarMeerkatMoray EelMouseOwlParrotPigPigeonPikePiranhaPolar BearPrehistoric ChickenPufferfishRainbow TroutRamRatRattlesnakeRegal TangSaber-Toothed TigerSharkSheepSnailSnakeSparrowSpiderTetrabirdWarthogWolfWoodpeckerVulture
Cave-RexCrawlerDimetrodonEmberwulfFen StalkerGolemGiant White SpiderIce DragonKrakenMagma GolemRaptorSand EmpressSkeletonTriceratopsVoid DragonVoid EyeVoid SpawnVoid SpiderYetiZombie
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