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Mechanics refer to any action, or a system of actions, which follow their own unique set of rules. These actions govern how parts of the game work and effect the overall game.

These actions can be applied in specific situations. Many mechanics are present in Hytale. These make up some of the core of the gameplay. The Players Wellbeing, Crafting, Cooking, Objectives and NPC behaviours are good examples of this.


The Players Hotbar displaying their Health, Hunger and Mana

The Players Wellbeing is an unofficial Name describing, the Players Three Main Stats; Health, Hunger and Mana.

Health is the representation of how much damage the player can withstand before dying, it is displayed by the long red Bar at the top of the Hotbar. The lower the gauge is, the closer the player is to death. The players Health starts at a default of 100 ♥ (Health). The player naturally regenerates health overtime, however multiple other sources can provide Health at a quicker rate, these including Healing Potions or Restoring the players Hunger to full through Food. Alternatively Equipping Armor can reduce the amount of damage taken.

Hunger is, much as it name suggests how famished your character is. However not much is known about this mechanic, The Hunger Bar can be restored by consuming Food.

Mana is a the blue gauge located on the left side of the players Hotbar. While this bar has no direct connection to the players overall wellbeing, it is used with Magical Weapons allowing the player to use them. Each Magical weapon requires a different amount of Mana to function, and it can be assumed that the better the weapon, the more mana required to use it. If the players Mana gauge is reduced to the centre, then the player can no longer use magical weapons until it is restored. It is suspected, that like Health regeneration, Mana can regenerate slowly over a period of time. However there are more Immediate solutions, including Mana Potions which restores a certain amount of mana.


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Controls refers to the Keys that used to perform actions, Not much is known about how the Player can be controlled in Hytale.


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Blocking is a mechanic commonly used in combat, allowing the player to utilise either a Melee Weapon or a shields to protect themselves from a coming attack.


Crafting is one of the central mechanics that is found in Hytale, Specifically it allows the Player to progress through tiers of progressively better and more effective Weapons, Armor and Equipment. Crafting can also be used to create certain Blocks which would not be commonly found out around the world.


A Cooking Bench

Cooking is a mechanic in the game that is aids the quality or even allow the preparation of certain Food. You can cook at some designated Blocks, such as a Cooking Bench allows this process to occur. So far, not much else is known about this process.

Day/Night Cycle

The Day/Night Cycle is the mechanic that involves the two Celstial Bodies, the Sun and Moon. It governs the natural light progression, with the world being bright, visible and active during the Day and significantly darker during the Night. It is also suspected that certain Mobs have spawning requirements based on the light level or time of day/night. With more monsters appearing during the night, and animals during the day.


Graphics Update Timelapse

A video displaying the real time shadows created by the sun

Much like in real life, it is assumed that the Sun and the Moon rise in the East and set in the West. Allowing for players to determine rudimentary navigation.

As mentioned in the Hytale Graphics update Blog Post, the use of a Cascading Shadow map allows for the addition of real time shadows based on the Suns position.


For more information, see it's own page

Maps are a feature (activated through the Keybind M), which allows the Player to see a top-down Pixilated version of the sounding area. Allowing the player to easily navigate the surface and recall important (or marked) locations


These maps have such features as:

  • Revealing nearby points of interest
  • Displaying both your current location (and direction facing) as well as any allies
  • The ability to place a Marker (or Waypoint)
  • Fog of War (a feature which hides all unknown, or unexplored, sections)


A Hero advances on a Trork Camp with an Objective

Hytale Features an objective system, these objectives can be received by entering certain locations or gaining items such as a Teasure Map or a Bounty Note. Some objectives are a series of connected events while others are just single events.