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The Kweebecs are one of the races/factions of Hytale. They are tree-like humanoids, who are mostly Passive and Friendly toward players. Kweebecs live in villages, which can be found from the marshlands to the forests of the Emerald Grove (zone 1).


Kweebec homes are made out of hollowed out tree trunks in a village. The area inside the tree trunk leads down underground where the rest of the Kweebec home can be found. The areas of a home consist of bedrooms and a living room, and decor consists of curious objects such as firefly lanterns that provide their light.

Currently the only known occupation of Kweebecs is a Treesinger, a Kweebec who teaches the young Kweebecs and helps them grow. Other occupations appear to be a Kweebec warrior, or patrol Kweebec, who wears a wooden helmet and chestplate made of leaves, and carries a weapon known as a Razor Spear.

Kweebecs carve Gaia effigies out of wood as a way to worship the goddess. The wood they use to carve these little sculptures is from an ancient tree of the Kweebecs' ancestor.

It is suspected that some Kweebecs are present in other zones such as Zone 2 and Zone 3 as scouts, though this is unconfirmed and void of evidence.

Some young Kweebecs may have "little rabbit pets", as depicted in a piece of Hytale concept art.


Kweebecs are born from trees. At first, they resemble a small, seed-like orb with facial features and tiny limbs. These young Kweebecs are named "Seedlings." Once a seedling is ready, they are picked from their tree and taken to a type of Kweebec called a Treesinger. Treesingers teach the seedlings their history and help them grow into healthy and independent Kweebecs.

Kweebecs eventually leave their treesingers, grow into adults, and eventually, elders. These old Kweebecs are called Autumnal Elders. The autumnal elders are usually an orange-brown color with scruffy beards. The older an autumnal elder gets, the slower its movement becomes. When an autumnal elder becomes too old to live any longer, they stop moving completely, and with a sudden burst of energy, transform into a tree. This tree then begins sprouting young seedlings, repeating the life cycle.


Kweebecs are usually quite passive and friendly creatures, but if a player walks into one of their villages wielding an axe or any tool that could harm their trees, the Kweebecs will attack to defend their home. As depicted in official concept art, Kweebecs may be enemies of the Trorks, other NPC's that inhabit Zone 1.

Kweebecs are unable to eat food or drink water; similar to actual trees, they get their nutrients from the sun. Kweebecs can be spotted lying in sunny patches, gaining their daily nutrients. Kweebecs will also dip their feet in water to drink, similar to how roots of trees absorb water.

If a Player or a Creature begins to butcher or kill Kweebecs, the faction will call upon the aid of a group referred to as the Razorleaf Rangers, who are said to be insanely difficult to defeat. This suggests that they are some kind of Elite Protectorate that is only called upon for threats that the general guards can not handle. However, nothing else is known on them.


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