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The Iron Sword is a Melee Weapon with an unknown Rarity. This weapon is listed under the One Handed Sword Category.


The Iron Sword, as it name suggests, is suspected to be made of the material Iron, as such it would a higher durability and strength than the Stone Sword. Very little additional information is known about this weapon so far. 

Crafting Recipe

Icon Item Quantity Output
Iron Bar.png
Iron Bar x 1 Iron Sword Crafting.png
x 1
Wooden Sticks.png
Wooden Sticks x 1
Light Leather.png
Light Leather x 2


By counting the frames of the animation of the Iron Sword in the "Inside the Hytale Folly Studio" Blog post, the weapon is show to take:

  • ~24 frames to perform a Right to Left Downwards slice
  • ~26 frames to perform a Left to Right Upwards slice
  • ~25 frames to perform a Straight downwards slice
  • ~12 frames to revert to the idle animation from the Finished the attack animation

(note, all of this takes place at 60 frames a second)


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