Hytale Wiki

Hytale Wiki is a community wiki about Hytale, a game developed by Hypixel Studios. The wiki was founded on November 19, 2018.

The wiki currently has 388 articles, 10,148 total edits, and 3 active users.

You can see more of the wiki's statistics by clicking here: Special:Statistics

Hytale Hub Collaboration

On March 27, 2019, a collaborative partnership with Hytale Hub was formed. The purpose of this partnership is to bring the Hytale community closer together, by providing mutual promotion of both websites to reach the maximum intended audience.

As of April 11th, 2020, the majority of the active contributors at the Hytale Wiki are also Hytale Hub Staff members. 

Hytale Wiki Obligations:

  • Hytale Wiki will provide Hytale Hub with a banner on the homepage of the Wiki, directly below the logo, along with an embedded link to HytaleHub.com
  • Hytale Wiki will promote Hytale Hub's websites, sorting them first on the community links.
  • New Hytale Wiki users and editors will see an invitation to the Hytale Hub Forums and Discord on their welcome message.
  • Hytale Wiki will give to Pearson Wright (Paradox_Overlord) bureaucrat rights.

Hytale Hub Obligations:

  • Hytale Wiki will appear as the first Wiki listed under the "Wiki" tab on HytaleHub.com
  • Hytale Hub will announce a partnership with Hytale Wiki on both HytaleHub.com as well as the Hytale Hub Discord, in which everyone in the Discord is "pinged" and encouraged to sign up at Hytale.Fandom.com. 
  • Pearson Wright (Paradox_Overlord) will frequently encourage users to come and join the Hytale Wiki, as well as to contribute by creating and editing pages. He will also personally strive to make mediawiki improvements (css/js/html styling) and will aid in managing the Wiki, as well as advising other bureaucrats and administrators.

Extra promotion made by both sides that wasn't included on the initial partnership:

Hytale Wiki:

  • None yet.

Hytale Hub:

  • As of April 25th, 2019, Hytale Hub has volunteered to have a Hytale Discord server with roughly 2,000 members be re-branded as "Hytale Wiki" to further promote growth of the Wiki.
  • As of April 25th, 2019, two additional "pinged" announcements promoting hytale.fandom.com were voluntarily posted in both the Hytale Hub and "HYTALE" Discord servers encouraging people to sign up.
  • As of May, 2019, Hytale Hub has volunteered to promote Hytale.Fandom.com across all of its various Twitter profiles, and has also volunteered to actively manage the Hytale Fandom Twitter. (Specific type of promotion involves retweeting various Twitter posts made on the Hytale Fandom Twitter across all of Hytale Hub's Twitter profiles.) 

Hytale Gamepedia Collaboration

On May 9th, 2020, Pearson Wright (Head Bureaucrat of Hytale Fandom) and Nixinova (Head Admin of Hytale Gamepedia) decided to form a collaborative union between both independent Hytale Wiki Platforms. This collaboration means that on each article, on each site, a link will be displayed to the corresponding article on that Wiki's sister site.

Hytale Fandom (Community Wiki) Obligations:

  • Nixinova shall be granted adminship at the Hytale Fandom.
  • Links shall be displayed on all Fandom articles to their corresponding article on Gamepedia.

Hytale Gamepedia (Documentation Wiki) Obligations:

  • Pearson Wright shall be granted adminship at the Hytale Gamepedia.
  • Links shall be displayed on all Gamepedia articles to their corresponding article on Fandom.
  • A link to HytaleHub.com shall be displayed on the sidebar/navbar, and a clickable image with an embedded link to HytaleHub.com shall be displayed on the Hytale Gamepedia main page.