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How much will Hytale cost?

One of the most sought after answers within the Hytale Community is: "How much will Hytale Cost?", "Will Hytale Be Free to play?", etc. The Hypixel Studios team has yet to disclose the exact pricing or monetization strategy for Hytale. There is widespread speculation that it could be free, since Riot Games, the parent company of Hypixel Studios has a historical track record of opting for "Free to Play" payment models with built-in microtransactions.

What we know so far

Thus far, the only statement Hypixel Studios has made on the subject is, in response to "Is Hytale going to be free to play or paid?": "We're still finalising the exact details of the business model. When that's done, we'll share more details!", given in the FAQ accompanying the announcement of the game.[1]