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A goblin is a type of hostile mob that may appear in-game when Hytale is released. Goblins appear to spawn in the dungeons and caves under Zone 1. They likely live and attack in packs.


When something annoys a goblin, it tends to throw its bombs at cave walls.[1] This action causes an even bigger problem, as it threatens the stability of the cave and therefore the safety of the goblin and the player. Goblins seem to be very clumsy, falling off of ledges while charging.

Goblins are usually hostile towards the player, especially when they or their treasures are in danger.

Goblins will steal every loose item they can find, filling their homes with both valuables and useless junk.


Goblins often occupy empty ruins and caves, fitting them to their needs by creating ramshackle settlements in which they store their scavenged loot. Some Goblin packs form simple hierarchic structures, with a Duke as the leader at the top. Dukes can be distinguished from their subjects by their tall stature and spiked headpiece. Some Dukes use their piled up riches, especially golden items, as thrones.

Standard Goblins generally serve as warriors and scavengers for their rulers. These armed Goblins are equipped with a wide variety of weapons, like bombs, clubs or bladed weapons, and sometimes also wear protective equipment like leather or iron chestpieces, shields or even pans as head cover.



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