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Food includes a variety of items in Hytale that players are able to eat.

Although little is currently known about the full scope of food in Hytale so far, the announcement trailer showed a number of crops being grown on a farm, as well as other potential edible plants in the environment. The list of possible food items, as Hypixel Studios has shown in official promotional content, can be found below.

Known/Possible Food Items

Food HP Restored Source Ingredients Crop?
Apple Unknown Unknown
Carrot inventory
Carrot Unknown Yes
Cauliflower Unknown Yes
Cheese Unknown No
Eggplant Unknown Yes
Cooked Fish
Grilled Fish Unknown Raw Fish Raw Fish No
Potential Kebab
Kebab Unknown No
Lettuce Unknown Yes
Popcorn Hytale Server's Theater No
Pumpkin Unknown Yes
Fish part
Raw Fish Fishing No
Salad Unknown Yes
Wildmeat Certain Animals. No
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