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Ferans are a race of small humanoid foxes, with large ears. There is little known about the race so far. They wear metal bands on their wrists, inscribed with the elemental rune of air/wind (the symbol of freedom), to remind them of their past slavery. Ferans live in villages of tents and huts, made of hide and bone, and will most likely be found in Zone 2. They will either be Friendly or Neutral mobs. So far, the only known class/archetype of the Feran is Shaman, which is also a class/archetype of Trorks. The Ferans will likely represent their own faction that you can grind reputation with.


Feran Shaman

Feran Shamans are the leaders of a Feran tribe. They wear skull armor and supposedly have some connection to magic.

Feran Warrior

These ferans wield spears and also wear skull armour, however from a different animal, and marked with red rather then cyan.

Young Feran

A young feran child.


At some point in the past, Ferans were enslaved to the Scaraks, another NPC race that inhabits Zone 2, and the grand works of Scarak society and the Sand Empress (such as the Sand Palace and the Ziggurat) were most likely built using Feran slave labor and resources collected by Feran slaves. An ancient drawing shown in the Feran concept art depicts a Feran mining a resource while chained to a Scarak soldier.

It is unknown how the Ferans eventually achieved their liberation from the Scaraks, however the fact that they seem to be very proud of their freedom suggests that it was achieved "the hard way", possibly through armed rebellion or revolution. While it is implied that all Ferans are now free of Scarak rule, it is unknown whether there are still Feran slaves, or if there are still hostilities between Scaraks and Ferans, either as a formally-declared war, or as a form of cultural stigma toward the others' society.


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