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There are six known elements in the Hytale universe. These natural forces are typically represented by Runes, and likely affect the magical aspects of the world.

The six elemental runes

  • Wind (Freedom)
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Void

Connection to Gaia

At least five of the elements are connected to Gaia. In concept art, Gaia is depicted with five ponytails, each one representing an element (except void).[1] There is another piece of concept art which depicts a "Gaian portal" surrounded by the same 5 elemental runes.[2]

Connection to Alterverses

Each of the elements appear to be strongly connected to specific Alterverses, as each planet appears to have a theme/appearance centered around a particular element.[3]

Connection to Zones

Though not completely confirmed, some zones of Orbis appear to follow a possible elemental theme, with earth, fire, water, and lightning depicted.[4]