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Dungeons are part of the cave-exploration system in Hytale. At the moment, there are five types of known dungeons:

  • Story Dungeons - Spawn only once per world, these contain secrets and answers to Hytale's history, which could be pointed out by quests or NPCs.[1]
  • Random Dungeons - Spawn randomly in the world. Each one could have a has an entrance and a "final room"[2]
  • Challenge Dungeons - specified for people who want to test their limits and beat challenges that other "less-skilled" players may not be able to beat.[3]
  • Portal Dungeons - Usually a type of Quest Dungeon that can be used as a nexus between other alterversus and dungeons. [4]
  • World dungeons - Very little are known about these kinds of dungeons.[1]

Some dungeons will not have breakable walls or floors, in an effort to prevent "skipping through" said dungeon to get to the end reward.[4]


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