Alterverse Concept Art

Note: As more official information becomes available, this topic will be updated.

In Hytale, adventure mode takes place in one or more Alterverses. There are currently 5 known worlds/realms: Orbis, Nexus, Karpak, Tor'Balyn, and Numdrassl. Based on concept art and promotional images, Orbis is the closest equivalent to Earth, and Nexus is likely void-related. However, almost nothing is known of the other three worlds.

The main antagonist of the game is speculated to be Varyn, who is depicted in concept art.

Varyn Concept Art

Presumably, the bulk of adventure gameplay involves collecting materials, building (a) base(s), and acquiring better Equipment. There will also likely be story quests featured within the single-player adventure mode. With both local worlds and community servers, there will be an end to the story aspect of the game, but the true end will only be limited by one's creativity.

Official Description

Official description from the Hytale Website:


As you traverse each generated landscape, you’ll piece together the history of the world through handcrafted adventure scenarios. You might encounter a mage’s tower overrun with monsters, descend into an underground cavern, or take on a colossal boss monster. With a wide variety of scenarios available at launch, no two adventures will be the same.


Hytale supports many different playstyles. Whether you think of yourself as a settler, adventurer, or craftsperson, you’ll have plenty to do as you advance through the story. Best of all, the adventure mode is fully playable in co-op: gather a party of friends and combine your skills to leave a mark on the world together.


The world of Hytale is host to creatures large and small, from scampering critters to powerful monsters. Each zone features its own unique wildlife, with dangerous creatures standing guard over the most powerful gear in the game.


Put down roots in any of Hytale’s beautiful biomes. Grow your own crops, take care of your pets, tame mounts, and set about building boats and other vehicles to help you explore. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to be creative whether you choose to build a cottage or a castle.


Experience moments of magic as our world generation technology creates a spectacle on the fly: rushing rivers carve tunnels through mountains, waterfalls tumble into ancient caverns, and bubbling hot springs promise respite from the perils of the wild.