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{{{1}}}: [[File:{{{2}}}|class=sound-audio]]

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This template is used to provide a button to play a sound effect. This is intended primarily for short sound effects

The script and styles are provided by the sound gadget (MediaWiki:Gadget-sound.js, MediaWiki:Gadget-sound.css, MediaWiki:Gadget-sound-styles.css).


  • {{{1}}} is the displayed wikitext. A speaker icon is displayed next to it indicating the playing status. Clicking the text (if not a link) or icon will stop any other sounds, and start/stop this sound.
  • {{{2}}} is the name of the audio file to play
  • {{{nofallback}}} hides the fallback audio player, so the sound can only be played if JS and the sound gadget is enabled. This is good for placing the sound button inline with text, as the fallback audio player is not inline, and would otherwise be too big to include within a sentence. In this case, you should set the displayed text to be a link to the file so it can still be played by no-js users and users which disabled the sound gadget.