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Used to create raw infobox templates

Default parameters

  • {{{title}}} – Name of the feature
  • {{{image[<N>]}}} – Image without the "File:" prefix
  • {{{image[<N>]size}}} – Image size in pixels (px)
  • {{{caption[<N>]}}} – Image caption
  • {{{icon[<N>]}}} – Inventory icon
  • {{{label<N>}}} – Label of row
  • {{{text<N>}}} – Text of row
  • {{{footer}}} – Footer text

Basic usage



|title=Blocks and items
|image2=Iron Sword.png
|caption=''Hytale'' contains many blocks and items.
|icon1=Iron Bar
|icon2=Wood Sticks
|label1=Characteristics of blocks
|text1=Can be placed in the world
|label2=Characteristics of items
|text2=Are only available in inventories
|footer=For more blocks, see [[Blok]]. For more items, see [[Předmět]].