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[{{{url}}} "{{{title}}}"] (§ {{{section}}}) ["{{{cs-title}}}"] od {{{author}}}. {{{website}}}, {{{date}}}. "{{{quote}}}"

Template-info.png Dokumentace

Used for linking to websites in references. Similar to Wikipedia's {{cite web}} template.


Short template


Full template



  • url – full page URL
  • title – title of page (use browser tab title if normal title is not available)
  • type – the type of resource (e.g. concept art, PDF, comment, etc)
  • cs-title – Czech translation of the article title
  • section – section of the page you are linking to (use if {{{url}}} has a # anchor)
  • website – name of the website
  • author – author of the article if applicable
  • date – date the page was made, in English or in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g., 2022-05-21)
  • archive – set either to a URL to an archive of the page or the timestamp of a Wayback Machine archive
  • quote – quoted material from the page
  • dead-link – set this parameter if the URL no longer works