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Used to link to Hytale blog articles.


  • {{{1}}} or {{{date}}} – The date the blog post was published in a YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g., 2022-05-21). If the title is not set, this can just be the short date found in the URL (e.g., 2022/5)
    • {{{1}}} can just be set to everything after "hytale.com/news" if only the link is wanted and {{{2}}} isn't set.
  • {{{2}}} or {{{url}}} – The part of the blog URL which comes after the date (e.g., three-new-pieces-of-hytale-music)
  • {{{3}}} or {{{title}}} – The title of the blog post. If set, the template will output a full reference instead of just a link.


Only link

{{article|2019/3/three-new-pieces-of-hytale-music}} produces https://hytale.com/news/2019/3/three-new-pieces-of-hytale-music

Full template

{{article|date=2019-03-23|url=three-new-pieces-of-hytale-music|title=Three new pieces of Hytale music}} produces "Three new pieces of Hytale music"Hytale.com, 23. březen 2019.